As a distance education provider, we are working hard to find ways to provide opportunities to students during the pandemic. Keep checking back for new programs.

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Live Arts PathLIVE Arts – French and English

LIVE (Live Interactive Video Education) Arts Education is a dynamic distance education arts program for students in Grades 1 to 9. The program supports the Saskatchewan Arts Education Curriculum and is delivered via the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education LIVE Network (CommunityNet).

Teachers sign up for grade-specific programs, then professional artists connect simultaneously with teachers and students in multiple schools across the province of Saskatchewan for a LIVE experience with arts education. Information about the grade level, arts strand, guest artist, date and time and program guides are listed on this website.

Crispi Lord, Peace Akintade, Carole Epp, Grahame Kent & Danielle Roy, Lancelot Knight, & Mitchell LarsenAsk Artists

Ask Artists is a new inquiry-based learning program for teachers and students. Each episode is an in-depth and intimate journey with a Saskatchewan artist. Artists share candid moments and show students that artists are real people with skills, successes, failures and dreams.

Each artist also provides instruction on a project inspired by the Grades 5 to 9 Arts Education Goals and Summarized Outcomes from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education.

On top of providing students with artistic skills ranging from storytelling to vocal performance, artists cover a variety of social topics such as racism, personal identity, embracing failure and breaking stereotypes. All artists live and work in Saskatchewan and are filmed at venues around Saskatoon.

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