Justice Rain Noon

Come alongside Justice Noon as you and your class enter into the vivid and colorful patterns of beading. Join Justice as she takes classes through a brief history of beading, introduction to certain stitches and symbols as well as the creation of your very own beading design.

  • Art Stream: Visual Arts/Beading
  • Broadcast length: 45 minutes, with a pre and post workshop activity
    included in the teacher guide
  • Date and time: Nov. 24-25, 2022
    • Time TBA
  • Host School: Hartley Clark Elementary in Spiritwood
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Teacher Guides and Resources

Artist Biography

Justice Noon is a nehiyaw iskwesis (cree woman) born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan residing in treaty 6 territory. Under status, she is from Thunderchild First Nations. Justice is a S.T.E.M student going to university for Environmental Science, dedicated to revitalizing her culture. She is a beader & fashionista who is passionate about social equity and decolonization. As an Urban Indigenous (city native), her personal style is blending two worlds in a contemporary fashion; what does it mean to be Indigenous today? Justice found beading as one way to bring her closer to her culture, while having a creative outlet for expression. Justice is very excited to meet you all, and to pique your interest to the craft. Tawpe, hiy hiy.