Explore Your Voice aims to inspire youth to explore their unique talents and speak their truth. This interactive workshop brings together elements of freestyle and creative writing in rap and poetry. Students will learn about song structure, 4 bar counts for writing raps, call and response and the significance of storytelling in hip hop.

  • Art Stream: Music
  • Broadcast length: 45 minutes, with a pre and post workshop activity
    included in the teacher guide
  • Date and time: Sept 21-22, 2022
    • 10:00AM and 2:00PM
  • Host School: TBA
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Teacher Guides and Resources

Artist Biography

ZHE the FREE is a multi-disciplinary artist, youth mentor and community builder. Growing up on Treaty 7 Land, she extends her fire from mountains to prairies. ZHE ignites the crowd with her skilled flow, vulnerable poetic eloquence and explosive stage presence. With her music, she explores emotions and addresses social issues while hyping the crowd. In her work with youth, ZHE brings incredible enthusiasm to her engaging teaching style. “Hip hop saved my life, and I aim to inspire others to use creativity as a positive outlet”. ZHE strives to inspire her audience to engage in artistic expression and foster meaningful relationships because she believes in  knowledge sharing, healing through art, interconnection and resiliency formed in community.