LIVE (Live Interactive Video Education) Arts Education is a dynamic distance education arts program for students Grades 1 to 9. The program supports the Saskatchewan Arts Education Curriculum and is delivered via the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education LIVE Network (CommunityNet).

Teachers sign up for grade-specific programs, then professional artists connect simultaneously with teachers and students in multiple schools across the province of Saskatchewan for a LIVE experience with arts education.

Information about the grade level, arts strand, guest artist, date and time and program guides are listed on this website.

This program started out in 2005 as an Artist in the School distance education pilot program hosted by Regina Catholic Schools. Initially the broadcast programming was delivered by mixed media artist-in-residence Heather Cline from a special distance education broadcast classroom at St. Peter School in Regina. The program has continued to expand and evolve responding to the needs of Saskatchewan teachers and the Saskatchewan Arts Curriculum.

Last year the LIVE Arts program, in partnership with several Saskatchewan school divisions, broadcast 36 programs featuring professional artists in the areas of visual arts, drama, music and dance. Each program featured a guest artist working with a classroom teacher and their students. Teachers and students participating via distance technology followed along with the help of a guide that outlined the broadcast portion of the program and provided teachers with a follow-up hands-on activity.

During the 2015-16 school year, 579 Saskatchewan teachers participated in LIVE arts and there were nearly 30,000 student participations!