Teacher Guides accompany each broadcast, and you can find them under the programs menu item in the corresponding lesson located on our website. If there are other resources, such as images or audio files, they can also be found in this section.

If you have any questions regarding LIVE Arts program content, contact

The broadcast will begin and end promptly at the designated time identified on the registration form.

We are also happy to announce that more than 50 programs are also available on demand through ROVER for students grades 1-8. Just search “LIVE Arts” on ROVER.

Technology needed to watch live in classroom

The Saskatchewan Ministry of Education’s LIVE Network supports live programming in the forms of Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12 and post-secondary credit and non-credit courses, teacher support and professional learning, and continuing education opportunities.

With recent upgrades to the network, live broadcasts can be viewed on any computer connected to a school network on CommunityNet using the following web address:

We advise using a data projector for classroom viewing, rather than individual computers, in order to preserve bandwidth.

Please test your connection well in advance of the broadcast date!

  • Navigate to
  • The LIVE Site page will load with active Channels on the right
  • Select the designated Channel for your program
  • Click on the white square on the bottom right of the video window

If you are experiencing any difficulties call the Network Services Support Desk at: 1-866-933-8333.

If you have any further questions regarding this technology please contact the Saskatchewan Ministry of Education Network Services at